Sunday, January 20, 2013

Before you can blink

Honey built a shed in the fall to cover his tractor and wood splitter.  It is basically a wooden frame covered in a tarp and fastened to the ground with some pretty rugged stakes.  It has done really well and we have had some major wind storms.  We were both really impressed with how well it has weathered.

Today we went out for a little bit. The wind has been whipping here since about midnight last night.  Before we left,  Honey had noticed that the wind had moved the shed a bit but wasn't too worried about it.  We decided that it would last until today's wind storm died down.  When we got back, though, he noticed that one of the major supports had split so we thought it was best to get that part fixed so that it didn't collapse onto his stuff. 

It went rather well.  We managed to get it moved back to where it needed to be and Honey took 2 pieces of wood and fastened them in a way to strengthen the shed.  We had moved the tractor out of the shed to give us room to work, and Honey was getting ready to put it back in.  The wind blew pretty hard and I noticed that one side of the shed was picking up off the ground....apparently, the stakes had come out.  No problem.  I would hold it down until Honey got the tractor back inside and we would pound the stakes back in the ground.  What I wasn't expecting was another HUGE gust that literally flipped the shed up and over so that it landed about 8 feet from where it started.  There was one problem with this picture.....I was still holding on to it.  Honey said that he saw me fly through the air (like I was kite flying) holding on to the shed and I crashed into the gravel.  The wind was strong enough that it also flipped over our 500lb wood splitter.  I am pretty banged up and my knees are both pretty swollen, but I have no broken bones.  There are so many things that could have happened to me.  I don't even want to think what would have happened if that wood splitter had fallen over on me, or if one of the pieces of the shed had split.  Oh my....I am so blessed!  I don't need any more than some ibuprofen and rest and I should be as good as new.  The shed isn't so lucky. :)  I am so very thankful to God that I am not in the hospital tonight! 

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