Monday, March 4, 2013

Vlado and communication

I realize that I have been terrible about neglecting this blog.  I know that life gets busy and this blog seems to be the lowest on the totem pole lately, but that just isn't fair.  When I read blogs, it drives me nuts when the writer suddenly disappears and I can't stalk, I mean, enjoy their blog anymore.

We do have a few things going on though.  We are in the process of selling our house and buying a new one.  As of now, the closing (on both houses) is April 8th.  I think that is kind of nutty to do both in one day, but what can ya do?  We are spending most days packing and trying to figure out what to do with our stuff in the mean time.  I mean, how in the world do you pack up an entire house, close on a new one and move all at once?  I really don't want to hire a moving company due to cost.  We are saving for another adoption after all.  But there is no way that we can get a moving truck that is big enough to fit all our stuff in one trip.  I guess we will figure it all out.

Now on to the title of this post.  Vlado's communication has been exploding lately.  He is using complete sentences (at least when he talks to us or other adults).  He still uses that non-nonsensical chatter with Fuad but they seem to understand each other.  Vlado has started asking questions because he is curious.  He will guess several times and then ask what something is.  It is kinda cute. :)  Here is an example of a conversation with him the other day.  I was putting soup in the crock pot and he came in the kitchen.

V:  Is that chicken soup?
Me: No
V: Is that spinach soup? (Not sure where that came from)
Me: No
V: Is that vegetable soup?
Me: No
V: (exasperated sigh), What is that?
Me: This is beef stew.
V:  Mmmmm, we are eating beef stew for dinner?
Me:  I'm not sure it will be done in time for your dinner.
V:  (another sigh) What am I eating for dinner? 
Me:  What would you like for dinner?
 V:  Let me see (and then he started tapping his finger to his was hilarious)

He then proceeded to grab stuff that he wanted for dinner....whole grain beefaroni, peas and then pickles  from the refrigerator.  It was a strange combination, but that was what he wanted and he was so excited for dinner time because he had chosen it.  So much for him never learning to talk. :)

Also, lately, he has been very adamant that he DOES NOT want a little sister.  He says he wants a little brother and as he does so, he puts his hand down by his knee (indicating a shorter child).  I think he knows that Fuad is his "little brother,"  but Fuad is taller than he is.  I think this time, he wants a little brother that is actually little.  Too bad, sweetie, Mama wants a little girl.  I know that God might have other plans, but I am REALLY hoping He lets me get my daughter!

And I couldn't post without leaving you with some cuteness.  My next post will have a recent picture of Fuad.  He is growing up so quickly!

Vlado and Bailey...the epitome of a boy and his dog.


  1. Thanks for the update! I had wonder how the kiddos were doing :)

  2. Enjoyed the update and especially the picture!