Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cool giveaway!

Last year, an amazing family brought home a child....wait, make that 2 children...oh, right...they brought home 5 (yes that is FIVE) kids from Bulgaria.  All of these special kids have Down syndrome, and that is why they were chosen!

Upon coming home, they decided to heed the call to go back again - for 3 more!  These 3 also have special needs and their family cannot wait for them to get home so they can get the medical treatment they so desperately need. 

Another family decided to help.  They are hosting a HUGE tiered giveaway.  Up to 7 iPads are up for grabs.  And if you don't really care about iPads, there are different gifts you can choose if you win.  This family is following God's call to do amazing things that most people just don't understand.  Can you help?  They are hoping to raise $15,000 by June 1st!

Just click here to be taken over.  Donations made for this giveaway are NOT tax deductible.  If you don't wish to enter the giveaway but still wish to help the family, you can make a tax deductible gift here

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